Rank Group of Companies

About Us

Rank Holdings represents a consortium of companies spanning across several industries;

Casinos, Resorts, Hydro and Wind Power Generation, Infrastructure & Real Estate Development, Container Terminals, Waste Management Services, Plantations, Media, Insurance and Consultancy Services.

Our vision stems from our objective to explore new territory, forge global relationships and to engineer an ever-evolving organization able to thrive in complex economic environments. As a continually expanding world class conglomerate, we are driven by sustainable growth in the global arena. Our key strength is our ability to remain profitable even at times of economic hardship; we have shown strong performance during the financial crunch and healthy growth during a slow-recovering economy.

Having established a strong reputation over the past three decades, Rank Entertainment Holdings is now the largest entertainment group in Sri Lanka. We have been able to reproduce this success in Africa with the opening of two resorts and casinos under our brand Marina. With an optimistic outlook in Africa, we are focused on expanding aggressively with several more projects already underway.

In light of changing climates and global warming, we have engaged in several green energy projects to play our part in giving back to the community. We have made healthy strides in shifting the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy by utilising natural sources such as wind and hydro.

Contributing greatly to the development of infrastructure in Sri Lanka, we have established strong ties with the government and plan to continue to strengthen our local economy through investments and advancements in technology.

Our corporate strategy is focused on long term growth through consolidation. We have created a strong network through our diversified interests and we will continue to expand rapidly to increase our capacity as a global conglomerate.

We have grown from strength to strength over the past three decades and we see no reason to slow down. Aided by a recovering world economy and increasing consumer confidence, we will continue to seize new opportunities for growth and expansion.