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Energy Development

Asia Hydro Power Generation (Pvt) Ltd

A fully funded entity under Rank Group of Companies, Asia Hydro Power Generation (Pvt) Ltd is currently in the construction phase of a 15MW hydropower plant with an envisaged cost of 30mn USD. Under a power purchase agreement with the Ceylon Electricity Board, Asia Hydro Power Generation will contribute directly to the national grid.

In Sri Lanka, Hydropower was historically the principal source of energy production and accounted for 58% of power generated in 2013. However, with a rising demand for energy in Sri Lanka, the government has initiated to construct more power plants throughout the country.

To supply this increasing demand, Rank has taken the initiative of constructing a 15MW hydropower plant which will contribute directly to the national grid. In contrast to the government’s plans of advancing non-renewable sources of energy, they have opted to invest in more sustainable forms of energy production, such as wind and hydro, in light of environmental concerns and global warming.

Asia Wind Power

Working hand-in-hand with the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Asia Wind Power (Pvt) Ltd intends to reduce the national dependency on non-renewable fuels, such as coal and natural gas, with the development of a 50MW wind farm in the north western region of Sri Lanka.

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BETL Plantations

BETL plantations is located in Baddegama, just 12km from the world renowned beach destination of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. BETL plantations yields 400,000 coconuts, 400,000 kg of premium Ceylon tea and 60,000 kg of rubber, annually.

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Infrastructure Development

Rank Group of Companies stretches the boundaries of success through its expansive resources and capabilities.

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Rank Investments

Rank Group of Companies encompasses a symbiotic corporate ecosystem driven by creating medium and long term value.

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Energy Development

We are driven by innovation and exploring new ways to reduce the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy.

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