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Sustainable Development

BETL Plantations

BETL plantations is located in Baddegama, just 12km from the world renowned beach destination of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. BETL plantations yields 400,000 coconuts, 400,000 kg of premium Ceylon tea and 60,000 kg of rubber annually.

Coconut is one of the major plantation crops in the island, accounting for about 12% of all agricultural produce, and the rubber industry in Sri Lanka is one of the oldest in the world. Sri Lanka is also one of the leading exporters of tea, along with Kenya.

In striding towards a greener future, Rank Group of Companies have embraced their passion for bettering the lives of local farmers through the use of sustainable, 100% eco-friendly practices. BETL Plantations believes in uplifting the local farming population and making a difference in the communities in which they live and work.

Our business practices revolve around the commitment to a sustainable future. By diversifying activities to encompass more environmentally focused goals, we have shown our ability to grow and expand while working towards a better, more sustainable future.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Holdings was established in 2004 with a group of leading scientists and administrators to tackle the waste disposal problem in Sri Lanka. With a proposed ‘Waste to Energy’ plant, Solid Waste Management Holdings plans to offer local authorities, as well as public and private organisations, a cost effective method for managing their waste.

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Asia Hydro Power Generation

A fully funded entity under Rank Group of Companies, Asia Hydro Power Generation (Pvt) Ltd is currently in the construction phase of a 15MW hydropower plant with an envisaged cost of 30mn USD. Under a power purchase agreement with the Ceylon Electricity Board, Asia Hydro Power Generation will contribute directly to the national grid.

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Sustainable Development

At Rank, we are dedicated to solving global issues through advancements in innovation and engineering.

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Infrastructure Development

Rank Group of Companies stretches the boundaries of success through its expansive resources and capabilities.

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Energy Development

We are driven by innovation and exploring new ways to reduce the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy.

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