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Located on an invaluable 2.5 acre property in the heart of the country’s commercial capital, Rank Holdings maintain a standing agreement with the UDA for a mixed development project to accommodate for the booming tourist industry in Sri Lanka.

In line with the government’s intentions of transforming Beira Lake into a major tourist hotspot, Rank Group of Companies has proposed the construction of Lake Leisure, a 400 bedroom resort in the heart of Colombo.

Lake Leisure has an envisaged cost of more than $350mn and will cater to high end tourists visiting the country on business and holiday. The resort is planned to feature super-luxury amenities.

Rank has also announced the development of four more resorts in some of the premier beach destinations in Sri Lanka.

Star Dust Casino

Featuring world renowned chefs, Star Dust Casino provides 5 star international cuisine and wide-spread buffets for each meal of the day. A la carte dishes are available on request. Food and beverages are complimentary for all playing guests.

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Maharaja Palace

Maharaja Palace serves North Indian food prepared by world class chefs. The restaurant offers guests an authentic North Indian experience; while the dishes are by no means inexpensive, Maharaja Palace provides a 5 star culinary experience.

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Sustainable Development

At Rank, we are dedicated to solving global issues through advancements in innovation and engineering.

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Infrastructure Development

Rank Group of Companies stretches the boundaries of success through its expansive resources and capabilities.

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Energy Development

We are driven by innovation and exploring new ways to reduce the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy.

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