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Since its inception, Rank Holdings has invested in people with expertise. This philosophy has allowed us to nurture a culture of knowledge and systems. This is not limited to merely rote memorization and mechanical operation but extends as a truly pervasive innovation culture that all staff are immersed in. Lately, many firms have begun to see the value of having decentralized, self sustaining business silos.

However Rank Holdings was built on this very principle by the visionary leadership of our founder, Mr Ravi Wijeratne. Each silo has its own repository of expertise and knowledge which is filtered down to even the most recent recruit via both the general culture and a comprehensive training regiment.

This decentralized nature notwithstanding, has allowed the global operations of Rank Holdings to perform above and beyond the achievements of similar firms at the current economic juncture.

This is due to multiple cross-functional teams that work tirelessly for the success of the whole group. All silos work synergistically and bring out far more value together, benefitting all stakeholders.

CORE beliefs

Our Values


Relationships that transcend trust and are built on decades of honor to the rest of the company.


The old adage goes; if we’re not growing- we’re dying. While we don’t embrace a “grow at all cost” approach, we ensure that we better ourselves every year.


The fuel that gives rise to modernity. Our various companies have significant budget allocations for research and development in each sector to ensure we remain competitive.

OUR company

Creating change
that matters.

We believe that success of a company depends on leadership, the impact on stakeholders and the prosperity of the nation that nurtured it. As such Rank Holdings has positioned itself in a manner to benefit all these parties in our global operations and continuously strives for excellence guided by our core values.

Rank Holdings is headquartered in the Astoria building and its international operations are based in the CBS building in Kolpetty. Our portfolio of companies stretches across a wide variety of industries and is the source of our strengths.