Agri Business

Carrying on the tradition of the agrarian economy that brought much success to the Sri Lankan civilization in the past, RANK Holdings has made significant investments into developing this sector for almost 3 decades. Recognized to cover all primary needs of man, agriculture’s role is entwined with the very core of our culture, playing a significant role in all our festivities and religious practices. Superstitions that enriched this way of life have and will continue to be a part of our rich heritage, and we believe our efforts will allow this to continue in the future.

Our first foray began in 2003 with the BETL Plantation and has now been expanded to include the Ellangovan Estate, Mudalakkuliya, Anamaduwa. The BETL Plantation is located in Pillagoda, Baddegama and covers about 550 acres in total. The major produce grown here are rubber about (185 acres), tea 150, coconut (20 acres) and cinnamon (40) acres, with the rest being factories and processing centers. The Ellangovan Estate is focused solely on cashew nut cultivation.

Much of the rubber plantation is currently due for replanting and the rubber latex is processed at our own factory which is a very old factory coming from the colonial days. The main product is Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) which is sold to rubber brokers in Colombo, at an auction. A state of art cinnamon processing center produces the export quality cinnamon quills for the export market, which is presently done through a local company. A leaf cinnamon oil processing center, cinnamon powder processing plant and a bottled water processing plant are all under construction as we aim to increase our portfolio of value added products. Much of our cashew, tea and coconut are sold as raw materials to our partner factories.

Agri Business
by Numbers20

+400,000 Kg

Tea Annually

+60,000 Kg

Rubber Annually


Coconuts Annually