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Rank Container Terminals (Pvt) Ltd

Rank container terminals began its operations more than a decade ago in 2009, and has since become the number 1 container terminal for importers and exporters in terms of volume, service and size. Rank Container Terminals PVT LTD (henceforth referred to as RCT) is the only container terminal in Sri Lanka to have all state/government offices necessary for approvals in-house. These include

  • Multiple customs departments
    • Central Cargo Examination Department
    • Customs Central Valuation Department
    • Customs Revenue Task (CRT) Force Department
    • Unaccompanied Personal Baggage (UPB) Department
  • Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI)
  • National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA)
  • Food Control Administration Unit of Ministry of Health (FCA)

… and much more!

We provide a one-stop-shop comprehensive container services to any customer that requires it. Other services we offer include

  • Container Storage
    • Our facility has 3 container yards
  • Container inspection facilities (for both customs and importers
  • Handles total customs procedures
  • Freezer container plug outlets
  • Warehousing facilities when half container released
  • Plant quarantine facilities
  • Animal quarantine facilities

… and much more!

Our terminal has the highest capacity from all in Sri Lanka, handling over 850 inspections daily. Sri Lanka Customs has three examination modes:

  • Green channel: no examination (5-7% of all shipments)
  • Amber channel: quick examination (+90% of all shipments)
  • Red channel: full examination (3-5% of all shipments)

Of these 100% of ALL Green channel cargo is handled in RCT while some Amber and Red channel cargo is redirected to other terminals. All machinery necessary to manage smooth operation (reed stackers, forklift etc) is serviced daily by an in-house technical team and we have no shortage of labor filling our ranks to ensure smooth operations.

Dry-Land Port
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